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Guide to buying Travel Insurance Online

The internet has become the place to buy all sorts of insurance over the past few years - but that's probably even more true in the case of travel insurance. The internet enables users to check out prices and cover before they buy without being restricted to any one provider.

This shift has meant that more and more tourists are not reliant on the travel agent or tour operator for travel insurance. Travel agents may still try to encourage holidaymakers into buying travel insurance from them as part of an inclusive deal. In most cases, you will be far better served buying elsewhere. Buying from Tour operators is often expensive as they make most profit these days selling extras on the holiday as the margins on flights and accommodation are extremely tight.

Buying online means you have access to many different providers for travel insurance. Important things to compare are the levels of cover and benefits, exclusions that apply, as well as the excesses.

Travel insurance providers offer a 'cooling off' period after the purchase which gives you time to assess whether the insurance really meets your needs.

Particularly important is the level of medical cover offered. For example, will it include repatriation back home in the event of emergency? You should also check whether cover can be offered for pre–existing medical conditions.

Make sure you also check the policy wording thoroughly. This should be available to you before you purchase the insurance. If you are unsure about anything, call or email them and wait for a response.

Finally, make sure you buy your travel insurance as soon as you have booked your holiday. This will cover you in case of any need for cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances.

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