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skin cancer patients

It's not always straight-forward arranging travel insurance if you have suffered from skin cancer, or other forms of the disease.

Figures released by Cancer Research UK indicates that skin cancer is the 5th most commonly diagnosed cancer in the UK with around 13,000 new cases per annum. Whilst this is much less frequent than the other cancers, the number of new cases of malignant melanoma shows that the amount of people suffering is growing at an alarming rate.

If you have previously been diagnosed with cancer, even if you can find suitable insurance, the high cost of premiums can be a deterrent.

With Insure for All, we can't guarantee to cover everyone, but for those we can; they get first class travel insurance, dedicated customer service and a hassle-free quote.

We offer a good product and our approach to customers is to be open and straight-talking. If you have a look through our Cancer travel FAQs outline exactly the kinds of things we are not able to cover.

If you are not sure, you can speak to one of the staff on our quote line. We look to make it as easy as possible to arrange cover, and receive a hassle-free quote, so we have highly trained customer service staff with medical professionals on hand for further assistance.

Insure for All is from Astrenska, who have established a reputation for delivering high quality, specialist travel insurance. We'd like to offer you cover and answer further questions about our travel insurance product.

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