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Travelling with cancer

    1. If I have already bought a policy and I have a relapse or it spreads will I be covered?
    2. Yes. However as with anyone with a travel insurance policy, you do have an obligation to notify us immediately you become aware of a change in your medical circumstances.
    3. If I lose my medication will I be covered?
    4. Yes, for further details on this please read through our policy summary which is available on the website.
    5. How soon after treatment can you offer me cover?
    6. That depends on the type of treatment, your body's reaction to it and your travel destination.
    7. If I am awaiting treatment can you offer me cover?
    8. We may be able to offer cover in these circumstances but not in all cases, please ring us for more explanation.
    9. Can you offer cover with my medical condition excluded?
    10. No. This insurance policy is designed to take your medical conditions into account so that is not possible.
    11. If I am currently undergoing chemotherapy/radiotherapy, can you still offer cover?
    12. If you are currently undergoing either of these we may still be able to offer you cover depending on the circumstances.
    13. How long after hospital admission/surgery can you offer me cover?
    14. That depends on the severity of the surgery/reason for your hospital admission. For minor surgery (such as the removal of a skin lesion) we should be able to offer cover one week later (provided there have been no complications). For more extensive procedures we require one month and for major surgery three months is the general recommendation.
    15. I'm awaiting a referral to see a specialist, will this affect my cover?
    16. We would not be able to offer you a policy whilst you are awaiting a referral to an oncologist or surgeon as your treatment plan will not have been decided. For example, it may be that your specialist would want you to commence treatment immediately meaning that your travel plans may need to be altered.
    17. I was diagnosed with cancer 5 years ago and have been in remission for 3 years does this still need to be declared?
    18. Yes, if you have had any consulations with your GP or specialist in the last 12 months, including an annual check-up.
    19. My GP has advised I will require ongoing treatment whilst on holiday; would this be covered by my policy?
    20. No. Travel insurance provides cover for the unexpected; it does not provide cover for treatment known to be required.
    21. Would I be covered if the purpose of my trip is to obtain treatment?
    22. No, unfortunately not. If you would like further advice on this you can speak to someone on our enquiry line on 0800 082 1265.
    23. I've been diagnosed with cancer last month and I'm currently awaiting treatment, will this affect my cover?
    24. We may be able to offer full cover - this depends on your individual circumstances.
    25. Can I get cover even though I've been diagnosed with terminal cancer?
    26. Unfortunately we are currently unable to offer cover for someone in this situation.
    27. I have cancer of the lung, I still smoke, and will I be able to get cover?
    28. We would not be able to offer cover to someone who is acting against medical advice.
    29. The form of cancer I suffer from has resulted in other medical conditions, am I able to get cover for these conditions?
    30. We will ask for details of all of your medical conditions and hope to be able to provide full cover.
    31. Can I have an annual multi trip policy even though I have cancer?
    32. We are often able to offer an annual policy to someone with a diagnosis of cancer, all cases are reviewed on an individual basis.

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